Rustic Peruvian Pottery

FarmAlthough the Peruvian Andes Mountains are some of the most rugged in the world, many small villages can be found in their high valleys and plateaus. The men of these villages farm the level areas and raise what livestock they can on the slopes of the mountains, while the women, in their spare time, make hand crafted items. These handicrafts are dictated by the natural resources available: In the Quinua area, sand from the desert mixed with clay found in the mountains, produce both utilitarian and decorative pottery. Road Side Vendor Once, possibly twice a year, they come down from the mountains with their goods packed on the backs of their Llamas to sell at the various markets or alongside of the road. It is through the sale of these handicrafts that they earn money to buy the modern goods which they need.
Peruvian Rustic Pottery
The rustic pottery from the region of Quinua is considered to be THE classic handicraft of Peru. This style is easily recognized, being generally crude in nature and painted in simple earth tones of white,brown, and red. The firing process used (or lack thereof) results in a very brittle clay. The bright side is that it is very easily repaired using any water soluble hobby glue. Subject matter is derived from superstition, legends, religion, and the imagination of the artisans.

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