Chulucana Vases

Each Piece Individually Crafted and Signed by the Artist.

Artisan at WorkGreen PotteryNeither potter's wheels nor molds are used in the making of Chulucana vases. The artisan sits with his bare feet crossed in front of him, soles up, and uses his feet to hold the pottery while his hands shape and mold its form. The finished piece is given a slip coat of color, and burnished with a special polishing stone (considered to be the soul of the artisan). The burnishing gives it a brilliant shine. Then, using a paste of earth and water, designs may or may not be painted on. When the paste mixture is removed after firing, that which was covered retains its initial slip color while all else is turned black by the smoke of the fire.

Our sincere and humble apologies to the artisans of Chulucana. Our photographic efforts fall far short in reproducing the true beauty of the high gloss and deep coloration and shading of their efforts. Each is a true work of beauty!

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The Chulucana Vases of Polo
Polo Vases
Chulucana Vase 00
00 by Maneno
Chulucana Vase 00C
00C by Alda Ramirez
Chulucana Vase AF3
AF3 by S Moncade
Chulucana Vase B1
B1 by Polo
Chulucana Vase B2
B2 by S Moncade
Chulucana Vase B4
B4 by M Gabino
Chulucana Vase B5
B5 by M Gabino
Chulucana Vase F1
F1 by Polo
Chulucana Vase G1
G1 by Juan Paz
Chulucana Vase G3
G3 by Ceparis
Chulucana Vase G5
G5 by Polo
Chulucana Vase G7
G7 by Seguno Carmen
Chulucana Vase G10
G10 by Seguno Carmen
Chulucana Vase G11
Chulucana Vase I1
I1 by Ceparis
Chulucana Vase G11
G11 by H Sullon
Chulucana Vase M1
M1 by Polo
Chulucana Vase M2
M2 by S Moncada
Chulucana Vase M3
M3 by M Gabino
Chulucana Vase  M5
M4 by Fernandez
Chulucana Vase (Nasca)Nazca Lines
Nazca by Polo
Chulucana Vase S3
S3 by H Sullon
Chulucana Vase S3
R2 by E Moncada

The Story of Chulucana Pottery