Chulucana Figurines

Each Piece Individually Crafted and Signed by the Artist.

The figurine was a logical progression from the vase. One day, probably out of boredom, an artisan simply closed the top of one of his vases (which explains the rotund figures often referred to as "Gordo" or "Gordido" (fat man or little fat man) and put a head on it as a caricature of one of the members of the village. What was intended as a joke has become an art form of itself. Initially, the Gordo figurines were simply caricatures of the villagers doing normal every day tasks. Within this categoruy, in a class all its own, are the "Chicharas". As their fame grew, a new motif appeared - which for convenience sake we catagorized as "Realistic".; Recently, as the impact of fame, fortune, and the related formal education, the younger artisans have began producing "Modernistic" (abstract) pieces.

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