The Chimu Culture

Chimu RuinsThe Chimu culture apparently grew out of the Moche Culture. It was a relatively short-lived civilization which flourished on the northern coast of Peru from about 1200 to its absorption by the Inca empire around 1460. This was just fifty years before the arrival of the Spanish in the region.

Th molds which they used to produce their ceramics provide true historical documents depicting all the daily activities and customs of the Chimu Culture. Their huacos are often in the shape of a creature or a human figure sitting or standing on a cuboid bottle. The shiny black finish was achieved by firing the pottery at high temperatures in a closed kiln. More? about the Chimú Culture?

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Pre-Hispanic (Pre-Columbian) Peruvian Huacos
Chimu Huaco 16
Pre-Hispanic (Pre-Columbian) Peruvian Huacos
Chimu Huaco 21
Pre-Hispanic (Pre-Columbian) Peruvian Huacos
Chimu Huaco 22
Pre-Hispanic (Pre-Columbian) Peruvian Huacos
Chimu Huaco 26
Pre-Hispanic (Pre-Columbian) Peruvian Huacos
Chimu Huaco 25

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The Huacos Of Peru

The main language of the Andean people is Quenhuan. Prior to the Pre-Columbian (Pre-Hispanic) period of Peru, ceremonial pottery was buried with the dead. From the Quechua word "huaca" (meaning holy burial site), Peruvians now call the ancient ceramics found therein "huacos". The term is culturally generic; that is, it does not refer to a particular culture or time period of Peru.

Reproductions of Pre-Hispanic Huacos are especially popular with tourists, and can be typically found in markets and shops throughout Peru, and often on the streets from "huaqueros" (grave robbers). The Huacos offered here were obtained from many different sources over a period of many years during our travels throughout Peru. Some are obviously reproductions. The authenticity of those obtained from street venders cannot be determined. Each is offered in an as is condition, many with either authentic aged nicks and discoloration or well crafted fakery.